How to Install the Three-Metre-Wide Turret

1. Pick up the Turret carry frame from the back with tyned lifting equipment and take to site on a light work truck.

2. At site, remove the Turret from vehicle with tyned lifting equipment.

3. Place sling around outlet pipe, take off carry straps, then lift Turret with appropriate lifting equipment.

4. Lay Turret on ground and connect it to HDPE suction pipe on level ground.  The Turret is designed for vacuum systems, and it is not recommended for flood prime systems.

5. Fix floats to suction pipe if necessary. Heavy duty mining hose or heavy wall polyethylene (PN11 or above) needs half a float or a full float to keep the suction pipe level with the water. Mining hose, however, is prone to sagging between floats and this can cause air pockets in the line. The flexibility of mining hose also makes it harder to deploy the Turret by pushing it into the water. Lighter polyethylene (PN10 and below) usually doesn’t need a float.

6. Slide the Turret and the suction pipe into the water, keeping them both level.

7. Connect the suction pipe to the pump. Wait five minutes for the bottom of the Turret to fill with water and allow the outer ring of the Turret to touch the water level.

8. Prime the pump. Once primed, there will be slight air turbulence coming through the pump for two to three minutes which is the last of the air in the Turret. Then water will flow normally.

9. To increase water intake to more than 1,000 cubic metres/hour, put a Y piece or Christmas Tree manifold int he suction line to connect more Turrets. This is dependent on pump capacity and suction size.