Introducing the Turret

Introducing the Turret

The Turret is a floating water intake device that solves the problems of vortexing, pump cavitation from vortexing, and drawing from shallow water with its patent-pending radial design.

The Turret Advantage

The Turret floats on the surface, away from slurry, sand or mud.

The slow speed of water intake around the wide radial edge means slurry, sand and mud are not stirred up. Taking water from just under the surface prevents vortexing, which damages pumps and creates downtime.

Tough, Safe and Simple

The Turret is built tough:

  • The Three-Metre-Wide Turret is constructed of 10mm thick polyethylene and has been tested in the unforgiving environment of Australia’s gold mines.
  • The One-Metre Wide Turret is made from 5mm thick polyethylene, making it light enough to be lifted by one person, but tough enough to do the job.

Because of the Turret’s futuristic design, only the Turret:

  • Draws water from shallow depths. Check our FAQs for information.
  • Creates a barrier against vortexing.
  • Can be easily relocated with minimal equipment or human intervention.
  • Is scalable, so you can add as many Turrets as you need to one pump, depending on pump capacity and suction size.

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InformationTurret 1m (Mini-Flow)Turret 2m (Maxi-Flow)Turret 3m (Mega-Flow)
Suction Shallow Depth200mm< 100mm400mm
Connection Size110mm225mm355mm
Suction SpoolDN 110DN 225DN 355
Flange – Option 1Stub FlangeStub FlangeStub Flange
Flange – Option 2ThreadedNilNil
Backing Ring – Option 1GalvanisedGalvanisedGalvanised
Backing Ring – Option 2StainlessStainlessStainless
Table (For backing Ring)Table ETable ETable E
Product Weight (approx..)15Kg150Kg489Kg
Lifting Lug259
Product Dimension (LxWxH mm)1000 x 1000 x 2502250 x 2000 x 5003100 x 3050 x 1000
Packaging Dimension (approx)1200 x 1200 x 3502500 x 2250 x 7503300 x 2300 x 2325
Packaging Weight (approx)5 Kg75 Kg178 Kg
SWL per Lug10Kg150Kg150Kg
Volume Flow Rate (Max VFR)28 L/S (100 m3/h)138 L/S (500 m3/h)277 L/S (1000 m3/h)
Volume Flow rate (Min)0.28 L/S0.28 L/S111 L/S
Best Efficiency Point (BEP)23 L/S124 L/S236 L/S
Suction Pipe (Preferred)HDPEHDPEHDPE
Formation – Option 11 Turret1 Turret1 Turret
Formation – Option 2Y & TRI SpoolY SpoolY-Spool
Friction K factor (Turret)0.50 – 0.550.50 – 0.550.50 – 0.55
Pump Position – SubmersibleYesYesYes
Pump Position – GroundYesYesYes